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Adding Tetrastix Together

Figure30: Tetrastix shapes. 

Tetrastix can be joined together to create larger more complex structures. Interesting nets, helices, and polyhedra (figures 30-35) can be produced with repeating tetrastix forms. 

Figure31: Tetrastix group. 

Figure32: Tetrastix group. 

Figure33: Tetrastix trefoil knot. 

Figure34: Tetrastix 720 pencil wall lattice. 

Adding units together to make larger objects is a fun way to explore tetrastix cubic geometry. Joining groups of tetrastix is similar to Haüy constructions. Haüy constructions were developed to describe atomic structures in crystals and use layers of cubes to model different polyhedra. Modeling with groups of tetrastix can create a wide array of complex shapes.  

Figure35 : Tetrastix octahedron. 

Next, we will find some new ways to view tetrastix using their shadows. 

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